Thank-you for coming by - we are always happy to get a visit from long-time fans and new friends!   We have been working hard on our latest performance, and invite you to join us for a show.  Come, and be entertained!  We love to meet our audience, so be sure to introduce yourselves afterward!

Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun.  We are excited to be performing and hope to see you soon at a show - take a look at our calendar, or just drop us a line!

If you'd like to schedule a performance for your event, please contact Michelle Schmidt at 319-472-2634 or 319-929-6509.  I may also be reached on our Facebook page or by email at Sheesh90@aol.com.

Wild Hogs - Feb. 6, 2021 

Last night we performed at Wild Hogs in Walford, Iowa.  It was very nice to get back out after so many months in quarantine.  I believe our last show for StraitRun was in August so we were READY!  

August 22, 2020 Holipalooza 

We were so happy to be a part of Holiday Lakes 2nd annual Holipalooza celebration.  StraitRun began the day's music festival followed by Casting Call and then Drama Kings.  It was a really fun day watching all of the bands.

August 15, 2020 The Shack Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Last night we performed at The Shack Tavern in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.    We finally had a gig where the weather was cool!  It was so much fun to watch the guys perform and see all of the dancers having fun.  This was all done off of a generator because the power is out in Cedar Rapids due to a bad storm this week.  

The Shack Tavern June 7, 2020 

So many of our gigs have been canceled due to the corona virus, that when we got the chance to do this gig last minute we took it!  It was so nice to get back out and make music!  This day was soooo hot but it was a lot of fun. 

My 3 Sons! 

Hello everyone!  Here is a project that the boys put together last week.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

New Adventures Bar/Grill/Arcade January 25, 2020 

Saturday night we performed at New Adventures Bar & Grill in Waterloo, Iowa.  This was our first time here and we sure hope to come back!  This restaurant has affordable, delicious food, affordable drinks, nice employees and best of all has MS. PAC MAN!  it was like stepping back in time playing the classic video games and eating baskets of fries.  I am definitely going to stop here when I am in Waterloo!

Dance Marathon - TealGate Iowa State University Sept. 28th, 2019 

Gigs that raise funds for great causes are the best gigs!  Today we had the honor to be a part of Iowa State's Dance Marathon - Teal Gate raising money for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.  We were able to hear miracle family stories and meet alot of young people that are giving of their time and talents to do good in the world.  The weather was so beautiful and all of us had a wonderful day in Ames!

Hiawatha, Iowa Sept. 21, 2019 

Saturday night we performed for the Shriner's in Hiawatha, Iowa.  The day long poker run, ended with food, auction and live music by StraitRun.  We are always happy to be a part of events that generate funds for worthy causes.  This is the third time we have had the opportunity to perform for this great group of people!



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