Thank-you for coming by - we are always happy to get a visit from long-time fans and new friends!   We have been working hard on our latest performance, and invite you to join us for a show.  Come, and be entertained!  We love to meet our audience, so be sure to introduce yourselves afterward!

Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun.  We are excited to be performing and hope to see you soon at a show - take a look at our calendar, or just drop us a line!

If you'd like to schedule a performance for your event, please contact Michelle Schmidt at 319-472-2634 or 319-929-6509.  I may also be reached on our Facebook page or by email at Sheesh90@aol.com.

StraitRun January 12, 2019 

Last night we performed for the Shriners in Hiawatha, Iowa.  We drove there in a snowstorm and wondered if anyone would come out in the bad weather.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a crowd!  We had alot of fun watching the dancers and the cute little kids running around.

Holiday Lake October 26th, 2018 

We had the pleasure of returning to Holiday Lake to perform at their annual Halloween Party.  We had a 4 hour show and dancers the entire night!  Everyone had great costumes and we had so much fun!

August 25th, 2018 

Last night we had so much fun performing at my niece Brooklyn's graduation party!  We got to see a lot of family and old friends that we don't get to see very often.  We had dancers all night long!  Congratulations Brooklyn, we love you!

Osage, Iowa July 14th, 2018 

Last night we performed at Taste in Osage, Iowa.  This is a super nice restaurant with excellent food!  We had a wonderful crowd and a lot of dancers.  This is the second time we have performed here and loved every minute of it!

Clear Lake Fourth of July Celebration July 1, 2018 

Last night we performed in Clear Lake.  We had so much fun!  The weather was perfect and we got to see a lot of our family and friends from the area.  We also had a group of StraitRun fans that traveled all the way from Vinton to support the band.  This is the second time we have performed on the band shell and this is one of our favorite gigs.  There was a large crowd and we had dancers for almost every song.  What a fantastic night - one that we won't forget!

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