Our Story

StraitRun is a family band from Vinton Iowa.  Our band has been performing at events in Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming and Illinois for approximately 12 years.  Here's a little bit about the individual members of the band:

Victor (Dad) is an instructor at Kirkwood Community College.  He also owns and operates Schmidt Heating and Cooling in Vinton, Iowa.  He has played in several bands (Johnny and the Rockers & The Blind Clavens) and performed solo for years before working with his 3 sons to become StraitRun.  Victor plays guitar and sings in the band.

Stephen is 22 years old and  graduated from High School in 2016.  He graduated from Kirkwood in May of 2018 and then transfered to U.N.I. with a business major.  He has many musical talents including saxophone, keyboard, guitar and drums.  In StraitRun he is our drummer and singer!  He has been very active in music for most of his life, performing in pitbands for the local community theater, pit bands in the high school plays, marching, jazz and pep bands.  Stephen was a part of the band "Schmidt Happens" in high school and also performs as a drummer with another local band.  He has won numerous awards and achievements in music all throughout middle school and high school and has been performing solo on keyboard for many events locally.

Samuel is 21 years old and is a student at U.N.I. with an Industrial Technology an d Education major.  Samuel is an amazing guitar player and has even gone to All State with his guitar!  He has also been active in the community theater pit band as well as high school pit bands, marching, jazz and pep bands.  Samuel was the second Schmidt of Schmidt happens and is involved in our classic rock band, a country band and a jazz band.  Samuel had won many outstanding achievement awards in the music field!  Samuel recently joined the band Casting Call and will be lead guitarist.  We are excited to watch him perform with them as well as with StraitRun.  

Gabriel is 18 years old and is a senior in High School.  Gabriel is one of our lead singers and our bass player.  He was active all through middle school in band and choir and has performed in pit bands for both the high school and community theater.  Gabe is active with  the high school jazz band, marching band, and pep bands.  Gabriel has also done acting/singing parts with the community theater and high school drama department.   He has won numerous achievements in the music field already - can't wait to see what high school will bring! Gabriel recently joined Stampede and will play Bass.  We can't wait to watch him in StraitRun and Stampede!  In March of 2019, Gabriel was selected as the bassist for the All-State Band!  We are very proud to have had 2 StraitRun members achieve the high honor of All-State!

Michelle is the band manager, wife of Victor, mother of these 3 amazing boys and the biggest StraitRun fan!