Vanessa Edgington St. Ansgar, Iowa

My son's girlfriend found Straitrun and hired them for my son's surprise 30th birthday party in Osage. They are amazing!!! Their musicality is spot on, they hardly took breaks and their choice of songs was perfect!!!! Everyone enjoyed listening and dancing to their skilled playing and singing!!! Many people at the party took their business cards and I know they will be hired for many future events!!! Some are hoping they'll be willing to drive a couple hundred miles for a gig. I look forward to to hearing them play and dancing to their music again!!! Thank you Straitrun! So happy my son's girlfriend found you!!!!?????????????


"Awesome!! They did great!  Heard so many compliments from people!  Thanks again so much!!!"  Nathan Gann - Rock the Block

"Hello again.  Hope your vacation was so great.  I wonder if you would be available to rock Crawfordsville on July 25, 2015.  The club members said they loved the band and want to hire you again.  I know this is way too far into the future, but if you could keep this in mind when scheduling for next summer, we will be happy.  You made them believers.  They loved your music and the family!"  Linda

"On June 7th patrons will be treated to the great sounds of The Schmidt Family Band (now StraitRun).  This talented and energetic family will be entertaining you throughout the evening while you enjoy a hot grilled sandwich from Merchants Grilling.  Make sure you stop out to listen to their songs from the past and current tunes!  I'm sure you will find these guys a lot of fun and very entertaining!"  Duane Randall - Vinton Parks & Recreation Department

"The night will get kick started with Vinton's very own StraitRun.  This family of musicians is becoming one of the hottest bands in the area!  Their list of songs starts as far back as the 1950's through the current stuff you hear on the radio now."  Duane Randall - Vinton Parks & Recreation Department

"HI Victor!  How was your vacation?  When and where is your next concert?  We're your new GROUPIES!  Can't say enough about how good you played and all the good things we heard!  Please let us know!  Everyone said how good you guys were!  We're still getting compliments!!! And those boys are so cute!!! We will be at he VFW for New Year's Eve for sure!  Thank-you again!!"  Michelle and Lee Bride and Groom from wedding we played for

"The feedback we have received regarding you and your sons has been amazing, and on several of our evaluations you were listed as the highlight of our visitors' day.  (My work study student said her dad kept saying, "Oh I want to hear this song first and then we'll go.")  Apparently this happened several times throughout the day!  I think you know I have always been a fan and you have gained many more by playing this event.  Please accept the enclosed check, in addition to the payment you have already received, as our appreciation to you and your sons for entertaining our guests in extreme conditions without complaint.  On behalf of the Family Day Planning Committee, we THANK-YOU!!!" - Mary - Kirkwood Community College Family Day Committee 2012

"Thank-you so much for playing for our 50th anniversary party - you were great!  We certainly had a good time and may others said they did too!  Thanks again - you are a wonderful family and musicians."  Kent & Joyellen

"Thanks so very much for playing for us.  The band was great and everyone had a wonderful time.  Here is a small donation that we wanted to offer for your time.  We hope maybe you'll play again for the group at a future outing.  Thanks once again and keep up the good work!"  D.L.  - Iowa Braille Alumni Committee

Feedback from organizer of Kirkwood Community College Family Day - October 2013

"Good Morning Vic!  I thought you might be interested in the feedback we had regarding the band.  Obviously you were a big hit again.  I loved the reaction to some of the songs when people clapped int he middle of the song before you even finished.  Notably was when your youngest son was singing The House of the Rising Sun!  Mothers and grandmothers were especially impressed with it and in awe of his voice!"  Mary

Feedback from the students/parents Family Day 2013

What was the highlight of the day?  
"Loved the band playing in the cafeteria!  Really made it an exciting atmosphere.  And the Eagle Mascot dancing around was fun."

"The band StraitRun!  I was very impressed with them.  It was great family fun music and the guys were awesome!  They didn't miss a note!"

"The band that entertained"

"I'm just so impressed with Kirkwood, the friendliness of everyone and the free parent t-shirt was great too!  My student LOVED the free stuff!  The band was great and the food was awesome!"

"I'm a musician, so obviously I thought the live band was really great."

"We enjoyed the lunch, the live music and the chance to ask questions of staff who were present in Iowa Hall.  We had a great day - thanks for all the efforts to make the day so successful!"

From our guestbook page:

"You guys ROCK! I look forward to seeing you play again!"  - John Phillips 10/22/13

"Hi Guys, great stuff, can't wait to visit you.  Great band name, very talented, all of you!  - Phillip Tracy 8/23/13

"You guys were amazing tonight at the party in North Liberty.  My grand daughter Payton thought you were really good, she also said your mom was cool for doing all that stuff.  I also thought it was really cool that your mom told Gabe to say this one goes to Payton. Once again you guys did amazing!"  - Retha 9/13/14

"Rock the Block was a real treat this year with your band.  First noticed how young and good Gabe was.  A pleasant shock.  Then it was Stephen on the drums.  I have loved the drums since I was a young girl.  He was excellent.  Could have listened to his drums and the band all night.  Think by the time I sat down Sam was not feeling well."  Kristie Stadtlander 8/16/14

"Awesome show!!  Would travel to see.  Very enjoyable.  Thank-you!"  Kim Askeland 8/16/14

These were comments about the Vinton Shellsburg Pep Band - one of the guitar players mentioned was Samuel and the drummer was Stephen:
"I thought you would all appreciate this.  A Wiliamsburg fan sent this appreciation letter this morning.  People are noticing notonly your work ethic, but how much fun you have!  I have gotten similar comments in passing throughout theyear, including from the Independence girl's basketball team.  It's a testament to the fact that while sports competitively separates us, music competitively brings us together.  Keep up the great work, and continue to have fun playing music!"  Mr. Waymire  Subject:  Basketball game last night  "Good morning.  I'm writing to tell you how much we enjoyed listening to the high school band at the boys basketball game last night.  I was busy talking with friends and noticed music playing (I thought over the speakers) and then realized during wipe out, that you had a band with a fantastic drummer & bass guitars1  Several of us on the Raiders side were mesmerized and thoroughly enjoyed listening to them.  Felt like we were at a concert! 
On the ride home,  my son said of the drummer "I have a feeling that if he does something, he gives it everything he's got."  Definitely inspiring!  So very nice to see.  Thanks for some nice entertainment between games and all the best to the band!"  January, 2015

"Michelle, Thank-you, I think everyone had a great time and I heard great reviews on the band!  I wish the best for your family and the future of StraitRun.  I would not hesitate to have you back!!!  Again, Thanks so much!  Jen - 50th Anniversary Party 4/18/2015

"We enjoyed their band alot.  They are very good!"  Sally Donald 6/15 - Van Horne Music Festival

"Victor, Stephen, Sam, Gabe, and Michelle - Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you guys for performing at the Van Horne Music Fest this weekend.  Your band has incredible talent.  We couldn't believe how well these guys perform the perfect songs for the crowd!  We heard numerous compliments during and after your set on Saturday evening.  Victor and Michelle should be proud of these guys.  Even through setting up and sound check this band was professional all night, and humble as well.  Definitely someone we would recommend!  Thank-you again!  It was great watching you guys perform and chatting with you after your performance.  We hope to cross paths with you guys again! "  Max Johnson and Ryan Sonka Center Stage Productions 6/15 Van Horne Music Festival

"Hi!  I hope you all got home safe and sound.  I hope you have gotten some rest.  I have heard nothing but fantastic comments about last night.  Thank-you for driving all the way here to give us a great concert.   Your family are so very talented and we are so lucky to have experienced them.  So I would like you to pencil us in for the fourth of July weekend 2016.  We usually have a concert the night before the 4th of July.  Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing the video you create."  Your new greatest fan,  Megan 8/15 Minburn

"I had a great time in Van Horne yesterday evening. I went up by myself to see StraitRun. I will never get over that family. They play really great music and arethe friendliest people. The boys are so nice and crazy talented. And Michelle and Victor couldn't be any more welcoming. I can't wait to see them in Washington in August at the car show!"  6/12/16  Linda